Tuesday, September 14, 2004


okay, so does anyone else think that the ali g show is one of the funniest shows on TV right now? that guy is bonkers! it's this british comedian that has 3 main alter egos: ali g, hip hop allstar; borat, TV reporter from Kazakhstan; and bruno, austrian club kid and fashion reporter. basically, all three of these characters interview people, get everything wrong, and are generally hilarious. casey can barely watch it, because he says it makes him want to hide. each character makes potentially embarrassing statements, and somehow, the interviewees usually just go along for the ride. there are a lot of stereotypical american statements made by the interviewees, especially to borat, like, "we don't do that in this country." this usually follows borat asking a penis question. it sounds crazy, but you just have to see it. it's on HBO and it's FUNNY.

so anyway, today is a better day. i still haven't talked to my dad about loan stuff, but i feel like somehow everything's going to be okay. actually, i don't really care, which is weird for me, but means my medicine is working. hooray for modern science!


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