Thursday, September 16, 2004

i got an "F" in blogging class

that's right, i failed. the two goals of a good blogger should be: 1. telling people about your blog - the only person (as far as i know) that even knows i have a blog is joy, and that's because i set mine up after i saw hers. and 2. try to post something almost every day. so i'm slack, like you didn't already know. oh well.

today i am listening to my "rainy days" playlist. i'm still working on it, but it consists of mostly sugar, morrissey, the cure, a couple of rolling stones songs, a couple of REM songs, inkwell, samiam, the first shins album, the stills, the afghan whigs and the garden state soundtrack. i'm not quite ready to kill myself yet, but i'm getting there.

speaking of which, everything's back to bad today. money's bad. this school loan stuff is WAY bad - i finally talked to my father and according to him, he has no paperwork for any of my loans and is being super-defensive that i should've kept up with this stuff myself and why wasn't i paying on my loans anyway? and from there i transitioned to, "daddy, can we talk about wedding stuff this weekend?" and ended the conversation with him saying, "i am NOT paying for a 125-person wedding!" the hilarious thing is that i have 125 people on my list, and that's just FAMILY. casey's family basically makes up the whole town of old alpharetta. ugh.

maddux is having her surgery today, and i am just SICK about it. i'm so afraid she's going to be mad at casey and i for doing that to her, although it'll be better in the long run. but she won't be able to understand that. i hope she's okay.

one good thing, we got free willy's burritos for lunch. one of the sales managers is leaving tomorrow to take a job in ohio, and our department head, jack, bought everyone lunch. that was yummy, but i ate too much :(

stitch & bitch will be at my house tonight. hope we still have power by then. i'm going to buy a few more candles after work, just in case.


Blogger joy said...

Just wanted to let you know 2 things: 1) you are a fantastical stitch & bitch host, 2)i laughed when you wrote that you had a "free willy's burrito" cus i just saw "free willy burrito." Mmmm...whale burritos...

September 17, 2004 at 7:58 AM  

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