Tuesday, September 07, 2004

well at least my power wasn't out this morning...

but if my power HAD been out this a.m., i'd have an excuse for looking like shit. now i have no excuse. i actually DO have an excuse, one which i'll share, but you can't tell anyone. are you ready? do you know what i was up doing until 2 a.m. this morning? i'll give you a hint: bad movies on satellite TV. still stumped? how about this: as much as i don't like j-lo, i find her ass to be mesmerizing. she's on TV, and i'm like, in a zone. oh shut up, stop judging me. it's not like i was watching gigli or anything (although that WAS one of my choices on the 15 or so movie channels we have). i was watching maid in manhattan. that's right. i said it. and now, i hate myself. not for getting wrapped up in that particular movie, no - watching that movie was inevitable, in fact, i'm surprised i haven't seen it yet. i hate myself because i'm tired after about 5 hours of wind and rain-induced sleep. yawn.


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