Tuesday, October 12, 2004

new job, new hair...still tired

well, here i am. at the new jobby-job. i have a window, even though my back faces it. it overlooks marietta street and fairlie. i'm so glad to be back downtown again. i used to work just a few blocks from here at 55 park place (first union), and i went to school 2 blocks from here at georgia state. downtown is extremely comfortable to me. my drive time and distance are shorter. the people i work with seem nice. as when you start any new job, everyone seems really excited that i'm here. it's a good feeling.

not much else going on. i saw both maya elizabeth and andrew this weekend, the first time they'd been together since maya was about 3 days old. they were really cute - we put them on the floor next to each other and they held hands! so cute. i will post pics of them tomorrow, hopefully- having a little technical difficulties getting the camera hooked up to my computer. my new computer, by the way, has a teeny-tiny like 13-inch monitor. bleh.

nothing new to report. will post more soon.


Blogger Tom Todaro said...

I envy your place downtown but not for long. We're fixin' to sell this plastic-fantastic lego house and find us something funky down there. Good luck and you keep going. It's all within you (except for the cute babies and I look forward to the pictures). You make everything happen. Get out the vote. I'm going to Florida for a few days to canvass along the I-4 corridor.

October 12, 2004 at 4:40 PM  

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