Thursday, December 30, 2004

knitting frenzy

okay, so i am TIRED of knitting things i don't want to knit for other people. it's time for me to be a little selfish. i received a really great item for christmas from my lovely sister wendy - the 2005 knitting pattern-a-day calendar. i totally didn't ask for it, but it is amazing... 300+ patterns. the format kind of sucks, each pattern is on a small sheet (kind of like the tear-off calendars, but without the tear). casey got mad at me, but i HAD to go through all the patterns. i couldn't help it! he thought i should be patient and go through them each day, like it was meant to. i found so much awesome stuff!! so here is a list of things i will be making now:

thigh-high socks from knitty (knit-a-long with joy)
newsboy cap from stitch-n-bitch nation
bell cloche
mittens for me, casey, casey's mom, maya and andrew
tri-corner baby hat for ryan
baby bath mitt for maya
jimmy's bulky beanie for casey
scarf for laah (not sure what yet)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

hmm... this is something new...

hey mom, look, i'm blogging! that's right folks, after a long hiatus, i'm back at it. i've been inspired by all the knitting blogs i see every day. i think that in the coming year, blogging will be an easy way to keep all my knitting/craft projects organized with photos and all. i am so smart! so you may or may not hear from me again before jan. 1. if not, happy new year. if so, happy early new year. regardless, take a look at my 3 sweet babies on dogster: maddux, isobel and our new baby, chester copperpot.

take a look at chester's new sweater i knitted him: